Most of all… it will not be the readiest encounter!

Its part of my time to work as a kind of a clerk. Even I have a Chair where we the three of us at the job sit in front of a computer to give our notes of about Who? and What? and How many? shit brings to our position.

Next Thursday will be the end of it… to me. I’m happy so. Perhaps things will go as many “on bad to worse” to miss these days under the rain even the Sun but at last I have reached a position in the meaning of the enterprise long ago from the old, snob and clumsy people.

Althoug they appear to the people as so ungratified by life and knoweledgement expectancy in our country they are as many sons of a bitch as a Major or a teacher can be.

It is supposed that the day will arrive… and it will pass over (again! in our Solar System) but to tell you the thruth feel myself earning the half It was reflected on the section papers of the amount of money I’m paid to do the same job as the clumsy and liars and not tired even working on the weekends (so hard).

It is not my concern since last tuesday when I was informed that some of these people has told to the boss that “I look tired”. I’m 48. they are younger than I and do less work and less exhausting, and at the end of the road “Balls to them!”

I guess I even will not rule the work on thursday to join and let enjoy the crew to my new position in front of a table and working on building a part of a machine not dealing with ashes and shit. Even if we could get some money as a part of it -and them-.


But now! The Summer is here! so the Hollydays… and the Sun!

It is close to celebrate the John’s “Big Day”: The 24th of June, next Sunday (this year of 2018) we use to celebrate “some Ferrería”… Do you remembre The Pogues: “and María once again!”.

Nowadays, is part of my tribulations, to know who exactly were at the foot of the Cross: Mary, His mother (of Jesus Christ), the sister of Mary (Dolores: having a new order) plus Mary the wife of Cleofás the pontifex of the Church stablished and “the disciple who Jesus loves so many” (John, the evangelist, but not the one that we celebrate at the opposite (in the calendar of the year: Summer/Winter) of Christmass.

There are many considerations involved in the meanwhile of the where and when must we celebrate much part of the Earth achievements in the Solar System. Last day I read somewhere something like “being as improductive as the life of stephen Hawking…” but it was not at a football game… or in a Bar at a TV show… it was said by a student friend of mine involved in analize the meaning of success (as J. Lennon in the song “Woman”) so only while another person was trying… for example! was trying to analise if it is water or the Earth’s Newton’s law of universal gravitation in the being of any drop which wears particles whith “arbitrarily” and/or “randomly” started to “way” a stone

valenciano_silvia_Act4_EXPLORAR8 valenciano_silvia_Act4_EXPLORAR7

and vinegar!

Let’s see the work by the friend of mine who scared phisicists from the Arena and leaved a place to recognise the meaning of our lives as part of something that it has been “prosecuted” by an internal Server Error:



2) The writting (mark):

Gospel Mc 10,32-45
Now we go up to Jerusalem,
and there the Son of man will be delivered
Reading the gospel according to Saint Mark
At that time, they made their way up to Jerusalem, and Jesus went 
ahead. People were admired, but their followers were scared. Then 
Jesus gathered at twelve a part and began to predict what had to 
happen to him. He said: "Now we go up to Jerusalem, and there the 
Son of man will be handed over to the great priests and the teachers 
of the law, will condemn him to death and deliver it to the pagans, 
who will make fun of him, spit on him They will whip him and kill 
him, and after three days he will rise again. "
James and John, the two sons of Zebedee, went to find Jesus and said: 
"Master, we would like you to grant us a favor that we will ask 
for." Jesus asked them, "What do you want them to do?" They told him, 
"Grant us that on the day you will be glorified, we can sit down, one 
on your right and the other on your left". Jesus answered them, "You 
do not know what you ask for. Can you drink the chalice that I will 
drink and be baptized with the baptism with which I will be baptized? 
"They told him:" Yes we can. " Jesus answered them, "It is true, you 
drink the chalice that I will drink and you will be baptized with the 
baptism with which I will be baptized, but sitting on my right and on 
my left, it is not I who should grant it; It is for those whom God 
has reserved for him. " When the other ten heard it, they turned up 
against Jaume and Joan. Jesus called them and said: "You know that 
in all nations, those who appear as rulers have their subjects as 
if they were masters, and the great characters keep others under 
their power. Among you, this should not be so: whoever wants to 
be important must be your servant, and whoever wants to be the 
first must be the slave of all, as the Son of man, who has not 
come to do it, to serve, but to serve others, and to give their 
lives as a rescue price for all men ».

3) The Pictures (Fanzine’s ones):


Wednesday the 30th (of May). Giotto’s Pictured that Jesus will run to his left (??) to encounter the Father at right…


Although I don’t, usually, go worrying myself in kind of behaviours that most of the desirable meanings should begin to hesitate myself as a part of anything, -for example a family, and so, a part of a Surname-; and being too responsible of: what I do, or think in the meanwhile… even of what I agree about freedom about companion’s relationship at work; I look at myself as a kind of strange person.


Only time, -even, so, relationship between persons-, could have to seem to myself some kind of progress towards affinity. In many cases, with the kind of person I’m expected to be. So I couldn’t imagine, only that because I’m 47, -close to 48 years old-, may excuse myself of being kind and considered with others, so, to many of the “freelancers” that are expected to develop their personalities, in many cases, not as a student –and what is supposed they have to do- neither a “worker” only to still doing kind of things irresponsible at the “Big Enterprise” (please read Big Enterprise as a Social Insurance Community; not religions referred).


Most part of the day, I’m as worried to be productive as I can be. Sometimes, even, because I am compromised in doing it, -I have signed any papers-, and I, only because I’m not enjoying my life as many other “smokers” use to have until death… I can’t avoid my responsibilities or start to “launch” myself… –launch it, as a brand new product to “the Universe” saying something stupid as I love you.


Even, if I, in a so not understanding myself and, sometimes trying to understand what I have learned –and what I don’t remember how-; could look at the people as, I imagine: “They are NOT STUPID, no!”; if not, “They’re surly”.


So, to tell you the truth, I guess, this year of us in 2018 as a “brother in law” could think that better to do when toy arrive to any place to live… never-never do -as it is commonly said you have to in Rome (to do as Romans do)- so this is to beat “BARÇA” overcoat if the “hooligans” are thirsty of revenge or even beginning to lose their control as David Bowie’s song exposed in a beautiful sounds (and dramatic) or, in many cases what they are doing is a kind of the most part of the day I will think on it.

Best Regards.


Just for a moment… please, take your time! Isn’t it?

Do not hesitate and, even, worry yourself about time missed in more time… For example, my Spaniard friend, Josep, uses to say that time is no the same thing in the centre of the Universe than it is outside.

So, to see and to feel must be disconnected although they can be haved at the same “moment”. I can see, with a transmission from the Hubble the bornship of a Galaxy, but: Will I never be part of it? Can I arrive there, to the Galaxy in time?

The short answer it is “not if never been before”. I tell, it is impossible to tele-transport physic particles with electric meaning (positivelly or negativelly charged) if you don’t have a “recipient” (for example a TUPÍ… LOL!).

So for you to know we can wait for several years and eternities… five of six devastaded generations of knowledge and ends of Redeemers and Messiahs like Jesus and Homer… or better to say Homer and Jesus… even Confucius can be accepted and the raise and developing of “feelings” shared away and accepted antropologically, but it will never be disrupted by anything much more intelligent to worry and investigate les than “Were we the same genoma?” or “Are our genomas related in much more than 90%?”

It is certain what Dan Brown’s is written: Bill Clinton is a damn person… is the enemy, is disgusting nowadays and he is insulting our inteligence handled with the care of Nature when he is trying to speak about Lord in this small planet of us.

Think on it and try to answer…

I am 47: Oktober revolution? “That don’t impress me much!”


It’s one of the greatest moments of the year. Even from the century! Don’t hesitate “I am talking about a revolution” like the Tracy Chapman’s song. Don’t you think? We had the head full of sparrows but not only for, and because, we felt it authentic means the rain is going to fall… earlier?

That is the reason of many disrupting souls and wisdoms anywhere across the World. Even across the Nation! To have enough from it means that we’re dreaming in the while… and since, the while.

So for example to start a new generation of people not worried about many of the things we considered basic instincts of human being at that kind of developing our lives, and having not any other choice about living and let dying to be 47, now, means a reason to experience the part of your life that you leaved away perhaps only because you’ve been growing in the garden.

At this point, and with your garden scorned, also, you can imagine your dead parents taking care about your companions if there are still, and practicing to live in… in the Nation! not worrying about anything else than LOVE.

So, and now to have an opinion gave: Don’t you think we’re going to be purged sooner than even in a case of War we could imagine before? The answer is NO. The road we take away in the front it’s now unavailable just because isn’t many warm to be than when you’re plenty of it (love from Home).

If you thougth they were kiddin’ I’m sure you’re late… even too old to die young so take your suitcase and your song and still on, going more early in time. Think, perhaps, in live before J.C. and the way of dying there will joint you to Him?

But only for a moment you have to imagine that is exactly the age that you, and the persons you’re involved with, are going to live what can make it just another story… if you don’t mind me to say… or not?

To toast the “tupí” (on the fire)?

Resultat d'imatges de old pots with one handleHello, anybody? Don’t hesitate about not being the most -here-. Today, and for the whole week, I propose to you a language and an idiomatic phrase unknown in my particular and personal language:

“Prou de tustar tupins abans d’anar al llitet”

The translation word by word and more or less is to say

“It’s enough to tOast ‘tupins’ before going to bed”.

But, perhaps, and only perhaps the introduction to myself by Mr. Marçal, (Marçal has a position at the mountain of Montseny in Catalonia, about of the middle of three counties (La Selva, Vallès Oriental and Osona).

Let’s see in my imaginarium what could expend for thinking this first (first take by myself to discourse hehe). In front of all there must be The county of “El Vallès Oriental”: (Com el vallès no hi ha res about a poem of Joan Oliver known as :

En ma terra del Vallès                             In my home land of the Vallès
tres turons fan una serra,                      Three hills make a mountain range
quatre pins un bosc espès,                     four pines an entire forest
quarteres massa terra.                   five quarters too much land
“Com el Vallès no hi ha res.”                  There’s nothing like The Vallès

Pere Quart fragment de “Corrandes d’exili”, Saló de Tardor (1947)

This means see “Nothing like…Notting hill”

At last must be known by anybody who… takes care of herself! to know for example that ther’s no Pere IV in the kingdom line of cathalans but we wil try to improve (on it in other day: if not there will be no lunch, even dinner today in Manresa)

But lets turn back to what a “tupí” is and what could really mean int the common cathalan imaginarium or way of live (and learn) seasons.

Tupí, is more or less another county in Brazil, South America where there was indians (hehe who spoke their own language “since time immemorial”. In Osona, one of the three counties below (of the top of this post) a “tupí” must be related to a “Escalfapanxes” but in another way. Means “BIG“.

A “tupí” is a cooking pot. A small cooking pot with only one handle that was, by my father from La Seu d’Urgell at the Pyrenne’s, -again and sorry!- used when he was a child, before going to bed, and when my grandfather was at Spanish Civil War, withe the Nationals, to take advantage of the warmth from the “exactly!” the “escalfapanxes” and to cook the cream for the next day… in a “tupí”… with milk… at the top of the ancient kitchen.

brb. (Time to lunch)

…and you are, with your eyes, holding mine’s.

…this is, more or less, what I’ve read this morning on the TV. Don’t hesitate, much more people do things like using the TV set for a read. Sometimes because it is more interesting than hearing, some others because, where ever you are, you can’t hear it in front of it. -There is any moments when better not to listen-. (haw-haw)

That is what I propose to you today. Some poetry… like “If I were you…”. -Known by myself by Ms Hanna Kivistö, an English teacher in Barcelona (UB).

Have been, myself, outdoor for a while, and there’s no reason why. Not at all. Commonly my friends told me that “you (me) will write again! (later)” and I haven’t had any doubt of it.

It is because of expressing myself in an other language reachs me to a deliverance, -of a part of me to you, of course-, and a delivery of regarding all the times in my life that I, having, more or less, some fun, have tried to learn (not living) in English.

It is like learning about Spartans and people from Athens in the, before Jesus Christ, seventh century. Sometimes if you hear a thing, a tale, or even History, it is stronger than to read it. But when you’re 47 years old this not engage you to anything else than seeing and listening much more. With having, most of the times, desillusion at last; because of you cannot imagine what others have worked out and about what anyone else’s prediction in selecting -a colour you see in the while for example-. It had must be studied below by forecasting.

For example, in the case of today’s, me and you, to have an experience trying to imagine what everyone of the words I select can influde in your “meal” and even in your purposes for the afternoon it is trying to be encouraging and respectful. Like even.

So, not to tell you a lie, holding my eyes it is one of the most important things you can do for me apart of everything you need to share. Best Regards.

Resultado de imagen de with your eyes holding mine