About onions… how to cry, and forecasters!

About who is after … or better to say is what we can adduce about it, that: are all opinions, even if it will look from me at do it in the most democratic possible way… it will not be democratic, but I will look to get closer to the reality in practice: It is clear that if, as a result of this, the way of earning more money, which is why the greater part of it is necessary, it is imperative that, for this reason, econòmical finalities or productives in money, is to expand the sphere of capacity.
From this point of view, we will find an example of a case that could be used as an orthopedic instrument for the purposes of my cognition. It could be used to assess sensitivities for the sake of bias and dispiate with the idea that (That is, in the sense that the royalties are going to stop), as is the traffic of drugs. A negotiate very silly … with an small improve of “adquisitive capacity” in a few weeks to start… by the way.

Look, I buy the onions plenty at 25€. I sell the half onion at 30€. He rolled, hi? Enter the variables: The big clients and fidelis are under a discount. Higher price that fluctuates in some limits that certainly disconnect but can be induced for the experience of which the bussiness died for the ancient (Greeks and Hebrews hehe). They have five plenty onions 40€ each (because it is a good client).

The good clients pay the mortgages onions to vint-i-cinc (the bussinessman earns 12,5) but, you didn’t know, the onions loose weight in a few days even in the refrigerator, so: manipulated scales, cutting sto the onions that make them less weigthfulls and the most dangerous thing. I can get enough with the cut(e), by the moment.

The secret is that you will not be finished with them. The dangerous thing is that the beginning is to please them onions, that in overfill the “tolerance” ends to unbelievable limits and i you finish playing with your freedom (about, not only going to jail (hehe)), just because you’re selling onions from overseas for people to be abailable close to their place of consuming. For those who love you, then you’re dead.

For as long as they come, onions; you, have to eat garlic. An the cutes of the onions must be sold (trustworthy clients alike that “it’s where the better thing is” that it will be true or not … for the sake of money, as “splinters” to the half of a cake in saint John’s day eating a transversal part and readjusting the halfs being the piece not as round as in the beginning to drive yourself in two possibilities:
1) going on bad to worse with the onion’s consumer and with people whom you have their money
2) ruin yourself, dying or ending at jail.

Then would not boil down to the fact that it is not possible to work on pre-fits with the products of the desferrals (in some productes with the bacon) or the pallets to make a bath. It is not Ford power that hates that the workers tende to do the pigeon, but it is not that the treballadors tende to do the pigeon … is that payment you are a pool house these are paying euros per hour to those who are doing the work you have in different productions of people.

It is worth mentioning that there are two types of equipment for the insurances of workers, and the extra money paid for the work, but the remaining ones, remain. To the surplus of about for example 0.50 to the responsible or the referenced in contract company (or the temporal employment bussiness) and the 1.50 rest is going to expand the sphere of capacity (referred before here and upside) doing him the work with his experience and training, that, it is true in different ways at a time, so that the labor market does not follow the “teaching”: As much more learn better to all (to me specially, because I will be more considerate (in many cases, because as a priest (Mn Pere Devesa) told me: Everyone who is doing a task, has the right of performance.

Relatively, they do not have to pay the “small bussiness” (0.50 or 1.50) and could have the work done, even the recognisement about the work as a “social benefit” (versus the “social cost” (of Monopoly as in a University learning)), a social beneficiary that, protesting, is not responsible or irresponsiblely it is offered and also in what cases it is not as visceral, because of no longer to be or not to be intelligent with itself… perhaps not to be a good worker even, when the results are taken and presence is becomed in mundology, and know to be that the dictatorship was hidding to a few (perhaps not as many intelligents were as the skill (The basic technique); but to be able to do more, more handsome or stronger with the positioning enviable) doing that not to be as easy as learn totherwise accessing (making it severally and savagely fight and visceral)

Pertinent distrust of the interests and interests in the benefits about the risks that involve social reprobation in social environment. Think that the politicians are not the businessmen or maining persons of the neigbourhood’s life who have fetched the mayor for a city project (if more than the hehe) to a vase of 1.5 meters or 0.5 with Madrid.

I hope you have took yours (sacrificed ones).

Yours faithfully, J. Salvans Arola


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