A lazy afternoon… Again!

Good afternoon Mary

piece reckless if I said what I think (what you just explained), the more I do that I live in my mom will do four years and tied hand and foot (hehe I say it’s Chanzú Paul Farré) ; said tied to my inability (due to the mental illness or severe mental disorder who “suffer” (hehe) and disability civil demand that looked so cool, worldly and modern, cleverly put  -“la burra” my married sister-  towards myself. I will make a confession, get ready!

Resultat d'imatges de needle pumping blood

It is true that even though I have said -of “Punxetes”(I think it is “junkie”… about spikes) – I have not ever done. I’ve seen done, and at this point now, I will say that my father said things like this that I said that “There are those who do well and those who do not” and said “Some it respects … “. I will not go, such as if this were a American film, “under the Fifth to amend” (the American Constitution (the USA) says that an American is not obliged to testify against him and is that may be silent if he was going to say … whether harm at court and therefore faces the Law supposedly valued as something much there, especially for artists who would be a “tarnish theire image “(the artists) from the starting point of admitting a mental disorder, -and severe or not.

Wherefore, I considere myself close to a “Punxetes.” Even compete with him for the resources (human, natural and socio-economic, for example). This does not mean that if I see you fall, can not “at less” trying to wake him with a cry or a “touch”.

To which we were. I suddenly did 22 years ago. I remember one birthday, though. It was in September -I do in June- the student to finish the CCEE. Going strong as an oak, had just surpassed three semesters averaging remarkable. He had even taken a distinction, the evil I were to say Informatics III, which deals with the design and programming of databases. I had noted, even a complementary subject -to Fourth semestre- in Mathematics. Then I fell -we must resume- incomprehensibly in the world of drugs. But “Do not stop reading !: I did so biased.”

I decided, after an experience in León, at Castilla in Spain, thank God that now I have to force myself to remember and appreciate the precise extent that I could have aimed at the long history since 2002 (I was born in 70) precisely to the drug. Call it the law of life … maybe even if there is no industrial engineer or a family. Right now, I’m leaving I would have strength of fuss, ridiculously guess, to put into consideration the mess that meant, and technical impossibility: the life that Duke could now take the place that saw me grow ( and mature).

This is how it happens in terminology that would own more of it (and appropriate) for the purpose of this our subject of culture (and to some extent cultural survival or survival) and perhaps do precisely closer to the place where you can know you and have seen you grow -now yes … without italics-; and so, and here I refer to-, where you can “judge” your actions more properly and precisely where will this path and we understand your personal-your personalized it will be even more “economic “. Is it true! but only according to what we understand economics (lowercase).

This saying seems to me that illustrated that although certainly -també- is easier when something has happened to me for the sake of those you will manifest precisely this far-which competitiveness I said the “Punxetes” for copy “your land” – becomes praiseworthy, think and thus dignify my career -so it would be a good ex-planation / ex-cuse to what is being happening in this atmosphere and aura of freedom and unloading, should it not be irresponsible that could be carried out, after what happened with that transcendental experiences, including that of a certain natural justice (now no longer Natural studied law at the Universities (it does Theory of Law)) and from now to go fast, generous (and intelligence in the sacrifice, but I tell you it another day, right? ).

Wherefore at times can be interpreted as both a smart sacrifice happens valuable kind of event, I will now, of contrition. Let’s be a kind of “Agáchate! Vuélvete a glance … and you do not know the beautiful girls how to dance!” … Furthermore, we reiterate what we said to Frank Sinatra “I’ve got you … under my skin “in terms of catalanología would” get into the skin of another … ” that is “in an another point of view” ¡well!

I leave for another day valued between what I meant, what I said and what I actually left in the inks, said the double meaning of default expression … I would like to say and I can not … hehe!

For example, say I, and I am now in a residence on the third’m 46 years younger, and there is a 81 old. and many past sixty; I’ll tell you what he said today as About Hour Revision (in Cathalan) on solar panels and now can not find, but I have no time !, homes for the elderly are a Pope-money. Only cooling the blood, and therefore sometimes both productive (and twice for every one, by the way is they who will have to quell -and caress (like stars … you said the AAA. Mariona Bassa ..! Come on!) – in this environment, both of us, by the way, the show intelligent “… to continue in the gap” (Quimi Portet saying that my father knew his ( I do not know if also, like mine, is dead) and Manolo García and Vic are! the “smaaaall tricks …(to continue in the gap)”)

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