Today! and… Only for your eyes! (and knowledgement), I am going to speak to you about Poetry… LOL (or not?)

Dear visitors and passionated readers. I’ve been speaking to you about Politics and many things that, to tell you the thruth, I can’t remembrer in a visual form. I mean I could not “organize” the perhaps many ideas I have exposed. I have exposed it in a very different way I use to expose in my home language. In case, we have to congratulate each other: you English people and me as a clever student and ideas exposer because of “”.

Im so Happy about it (the blog) so not too many time ago I’ve tried to increase my experiences trying to interact with foregein people. Don’t ask me in what case this is NOT excusable on a Sunday evening Internet connection, but sometimes, It, makes develope your self in clothes you wear sometimes, it is true! but you don’t like to… in a inexpressible being of your self, you would’nt wear, underwear, or not to wear in public.

For example you are not going to wear a red coat i Mocba (Moscow) to sale it. You are not going to ask for prawns in Argentina to invite a friend. So, if you are talking or better speaking to an American Girl, as in the song of the movie “The silence of the lambs” you are not going to wear an old fashioned haircut. Belive me it will be better for all.

For example, and in a inexplicably and surprising way to me, I caught myself trying to be nice. I don’t know why and how to participate, but belive me It takes his part of being you present in any place only if you’re doing things in a as people from Czech republic says “Spravne” (= right).

In many cases to be involved means exactly this, to be present, so to answer an “American girl” in a way of a presentation of yourself to empathize in his many achievements in something interesting to both you must dress yourself, undressing your mind with a “Je ne sais pas ce que“, as now flowing in the “media”.

For example you can use words as tenderness, captive and shape without a draw, and it would seem nice. Elseway: “Tendresse comme une forme de captivité” and to refer it with a construction of about “The shape of tenderness in being captive” coud seem a bomb, isn’t it?

Oh yeah! as Ricky Martin again (i have referred him not to many posts ago with his hit “living la vida loca“)  and now, about his being a father experience a “She Bangs!” it is the only nice things i would expose today that the inexplicably and surprising way has brought me a reason from the past.


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