still driving after the belly warmer attack! (an Impact)

Dear friends, I have a great thing to tell you about these new year is going to give us. For example, and about the refugee’s the government is going to give Him an amount of money of about 500 € per month. This quantity has to be in care. For example, they have to improve in their skills i the researching jobs attitudes and they have to learn the language from the arriving countries. If not, the money for the refugee and His “goodfather” will go to waste… so the government wil not keep on paying.

It seems to be nice for a war beetween the secret agencies of the small nacionalisms in Europe by the way tha had been mentioned in the last Cup by Mr Hollande, the President of the “Françaises” who has also said about (more or less) that “to have to wait for two years to Mr…” -it is mentioned in the newspapers from Barcelona-, “for Mr Trump to improve his experience in global affairs” -as Mrs Clinton was prepared-, I dont remember exactly but we could say that Mr Hollande has said too: “…It is stupid”.

But I guess that what we have to ask ourselves -we the cyberpersons- is if what we are weighting on the Net, even on the radio and the local TV is if the irreprensible fact of expressing ourselves beetwen a “to the World” and a “in the Dark/Light of our comfortable homes” and the safety it is giving to us (to still keep on speaking) has get back to our faces (and minds) in a way that what media name “populism: political ideas and activities that are intended to get the support of ordinary people by giving them what they want.”

At this point we have to ask (to our environment) what is it better to anyone and after analysing our circumstances too we will decide this: “To be the much more class is the great.”

Then, to make think the much more class what they need is less than what some of the lessers class use to need will give them (the much more class) the responsability. “The End is near. I can help you! This has not to happen again. Nostradamus was a prophet”

One of latests days I was speaking to you about “Escalfapanxes” and “mestretites” the expression of nowadays is “normal i corrent” (all (3) in Cathalan)… and “Champions!”

Best Regards. I will write to you, (the future, from the past) about what is still not happenning… yet LOL


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