It is hard to me… but I’m trying to be easy! (a reflexion)

Dear visitors:

In my last message, I, -it is true-, talked about a Holidays in worrying. I use to talk about… here!, about vernacular languages, but, and only for the interested ones, lastly I’ve talk about being worried, isn’t it?.

So, as, I don’t know exactly how it has worked on (and w. out from “danger”), but even in these days -while I’m still worring a lot (and again)-; I begin to think on what is this, (joke), going to drive me in life.

It could seems too hard to explain that I would’nt (better to say: “could’nt”) renounce to anything LOL… and I say it “…Seriously”, even when I’ve decided not to delete or overwrite anything in a non prudential time of enquiry (to you).

So what it has been done (and wrote) it has. But it is hard even while I’m trying to be easy to explain on how reading myself, that to me it is corrossive, and unproductional because it takes me to “drive” slower in life, isn’t it?

But we are here just for fun…. If not, I say: from where are we going to take the ressources to help anybody?

But not to have fun about refugees (if we ever did) or space ships (lol)… we ought to have fun about ourselves and our worryings just to analize it in a healthy way and to, as in the old song: “…think twice! It’s just another day for you, you and me in Paradise… ”

So, what? I want to give you my apologises on dealing with so serious affairs (as the refugees one here that certainly I don’t remember clearly… so, it wasn’t many sharp, isn’t it?) I’m trying to express my self in a different way of me, for example as a penitent pilgrim.

But don’t take it seriously because it is not. I’m sure that the refugees affair from Syria, and at Greece and Turkey it so dark and hard to deal with and I will not be “more friend of the Pope than Pope is”.

Handling with care these affairs but saying… even expressing! what everyone thinks about it, what would be “pollitically incorrect”, elseway may give an opinion that -in time- we, and the “big sferes”, will not considere the weighted opinions dangerously (as in the Metallica’s LP “… And Justice) for all

So, you as you can see we have to deal with dying so close to our awaking moments, for example in the early morning (lol -and excuse me-)… even on holidays… on Chrismas Holidays and new Year’s day.(see U2’s, the rock group -from “not as big” Britain-, song)

I don’t want to say, but I have to… that to deal with it is not… (well it-is-notisn’t!) funny. It isn’t funny never, but, sometimes, when Prozac is minning your… (better to say -from the translator(revised)-) “Prozac is dynamiting you while the behavior your life is winning a battle and another… and you’re losing the War“, isn’t it? So, then, you have to take care about yourself… (the dream could be over, and forever! or until something.

I’m nowadays trying to improve my account of knoweledgement about the ancient Greeks and the Romans. It is true that reading on a lot much easier explanations about the Myth of Homer, the poet from Achaeans (against the Trojans, beetween the years 1250 -and 1350- more or less haha (I’m sorry)  before Jesus-Christ! then, I read about Homer Myth, the Iliade and the Odissey but, and it is true, I have no comprehension skills developed as many as the professionals and not taking Prozac pills researchers (if there’s being anyone! LOL)

Not as hard, isn’t it? as reading and getting comprehension from Mr Marinov resumes lol). Well… exactly: “If I ever did it a lot”(to read Mr Marinov… even “if I did it very interested” and only for a while, even “if I only could understood”, then (when I read), what Prozac was… Did I had an advantage? about whom? Isn’t it?)

Now expecting anything else today about not being tired and disrespectful to Mr Phil Collins (the song about Paradise ancient ago referred by me here) and his blue eyes! it is to deal with phantoms and dead ones… but not (dead) in our minds so not dead on our day by day living, we have to decide if the most important thing is “We”, or the one who is having to spend its live; -not as fine as own’s-, just to make feel better to the Champions. Is’nt it?

I have to talk about Champions in my next post. C-ya California! (guess not!- that means “…to be continued”)

Best regards, Joe Salváns Arola.


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