Today, after a worrying holidays… I’ll ask you a question… soon! LOL

Yes dear regarders. I am able to say today that what is worrying the whole Europe today is if Mr Trump will start a new “Status Quo” hehe. For example the whole Europe, whom are not worried about refugees from Syria are worried, not as far as me about if nowadays, the week number 34 of the Cristian’s liturgical Calendar, if, it is more important to let it snow (as the Christmas’s song) or to leave the ship avoiding a new cataclysm, not definitive but decisional times for us (whom are on the roll).

So, what is expecting us: Space ships and travels… or Jesus and the Apocalypse new era. It is not hard to imagine even predict… but let anyone decide by their own. It is also expensive to afford, -depending on where it has to be started-. But the more serious doubt I have is why, if we arrived to The Moon of about forty years ago, if we, in theory, have avoided the nuclear weapons we only have have sent one apparatus further, to Jupiter. To involve the whole World on it: It is necessary a new system?

And, as expensive is? Try to forget the Stem cells in genetics and worry ourselves about being prisioners in the Earth, just to have some pics from parts of the “Cosmos” we will never, and this means never, will visit. Why don’t we worry about it? What about our important worryings as human being? It is a Crash avoidable?

I will try to give us a solution, as further as my sense of humour will give his permission in the becoming posts. You could think on it close to your families. (Have a nice “thanksgiven day” even if you’re closer to my brother Josep who is in Europe LOL) Best Regards, Joanna.


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