The chimney: one of the bigger Gifter’s in the times, isn’t it?

Yes dear sirs. I am going to analize it to you and I’ll try to expose, in my sense of humour(to be appreciated on not LOL), seriously… I will try to expose why… well between Middle-Commers and later becomers are, sometimes, as unlucky as outsiders or never arriving. Let’s do the exercise! But… You ought to know, first of all, let me congragulate Mr Donald Trump about something that anyone will name a Big Deal… some others had qualificate it a bad time for leading… so the America’s Mr Trump is going to lead is not as sweet as elephants had recieved and so left down.

Once, not too far ago, -about 25 years-, Mr Fidel Castro adviced the World about the dangers of what here where I’m living is named the “neoliberalismo”… for You and me it has to work as: new-liberalism.

I like… I use to like to think, now, while exposing to You -and sometimes when I’m working in this idea thinking alone while walking down the street that persons and so people are… in the other hand: like Mahadma Gandhi said once a time: “The World is not as small as to feed anyone in it, but not big enough for the greed of a little people (on it)” (more or less to translate as good as I remember).

So even, there are as bad persons as a few can “reduce to the max” the american dream so better to say: in a few time there will be no prince’s anywhere… including Europe! as they use to be, so, not only we are going to live less than nowadays (77 years males and 82 years old females in Catalonia, in Spain at EEC) as, is commonly commented between higher sferes and TV serials… even on the radio: “our sons (and daugthers) are going to live for one hundred years old”) and all people in the world, -not only desperate and frightened LOL- will “want to see LA” acompannied by an “American Boy” as in the Estelle‘s song… also available on the Net -which I don’t remember as impressing as the Web-user’s version; to see against my memory (as ancient as greeks done lol)- just because we, and the sons of we, -exactly the ones that are going to die younger than us-; will enjoy to live the life “loca” -as Ricky Martin said, once ago also- or nor… and this means “to live a crazy life or not“.

We the singles (and olders) will introduce ourselves across the Pond awaiting for “Una noche de acción!” not as I figure now imagining to remember as been exposed when going out at youth, -in the 80’s- and Mano Negra‘s song as I could imagine for you right now, my dear friends. Isn’t it?

Now let me introduce you, not saying anymore nonsense vocables… let me introduce a meanning of a cathalan word, and if not interested just only not to die today unanimously, that has a singular meaning even for stupid persons as “Français” are. Isn’t it? If not isn’t… it is commonly said in America!

The word will be “La América que le tocará gobernar a Trump”, so “Escalfapanxes“. for you to laugh:

You, non vernacular speakers (and talkers) don’t know anything (about Dvorak LOL)… For you to know, I am sorry about Escalfapanxes. Calienta-barrigas is more important than Google. even yahoo. or wordpress.

It means on how “new-liberalism” will not drive the World (as computers are looked out to do on about) to a no sense becoming… nope!… we are going to go back not to the eighties… nope! back to “The Secret of the Pyramids  Revealed” as a XXIst Century’s LP available only, I figure in USA and Brazil by “OK GO!”.

To have a special sense of humor to appreciate this,  it scapes me from the hands, even if I were born in Jerusalem(as I learned is as important at the Media) or in Bolognia(as an european university user). Isn’t it?

But lets talk about Sociology and the W’S. (remember W’S means Workin’ Sociologists… so means, for me, “about sociologists who talk about Work”). But better to say I will try to smile in a another while just not to do, or be able to do that what is admired to the ridiculous youngest’s way of live at in late night digression or Show. I’m tired and I have a terrible headache. Soon, after smoking, I will expose what is not a Chimney… sure or not!

It doesn’t matter. Someone speaked on the Net about “Escalfapanxes” in 2005, so escalfapanxes means Yahoo not Google and the Radio days (and radio-Activity at late night also… until 7:00 o’clock!)

So now, on Friday afternoon and for we, because while I am explaining and reading myself I am understanding what I say, escalfapanxes is a shelf on the chimney. This means while Im getting started in the early morning or while I have to take care about my sheeps(counting it) at late night… well, I’ve never done before but I can imagine people awaiting for the warm inside of their belly having a beverage and outside of their belly whith the… (the belly warmer)… within the new Era, the Cosmos era! Isn’t it? this means -and please excuse me-, the Combustible raw Materials Era, in front of Eating and Drinking Age, lefting away the Past to forget cristianism and “The Best Hasn’t Started Yet” to look for Peace? and to have an smile: “What else?”.

Best regards and wishes.



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