Not goin’ on bad to worse, but… best things ever are the gone ones(with the Wind?)

Yes, dear sirs. If I were you, you must say today: Unaccountably, not available to my interest (in becoming a greater blogger) the succesful becoming -to me, to get calmed from a necessity (drawn by myself)-, the last’s week “Festival”:

To be frightened it is as important as being respectful to many choices and their own ways of live

I, in the XXIst century of being, and passed 16 years of it means to be in it -if you aren’t too out from the World… of the Common World- I can think, about myself, that I’m a very boring person, isn’t it? So an explanation is needed and today, for you to know, I’m going to talk about “Cosmos” and Cosmicity… but only a little.

To tell you the thruth, I… guess about myself… I can comunicate with people from abroad, -or away (in an upper way, of course)- and not only because I am able to think, even write in another language (yours one). It will convince you if I say something like “I use to listen to the same music as you” or “I have seen”… (like in the Doors song: My eyes have seen you LOL)… so you and I have seen more or less the same movies and TV serials, even I guess You are not going to be (more then me) outside from the ‘Digital Era’ (-with a ‘Dark Age’ or not- LOL).

So if you want to incide in an attitude, (very healthy, isn’t it? as smiling in a shiny way) when you are trying to remember something you have lived before, and even when you are getting older (… older and older…) you can concibe that you are (somebody named it to fly) in another place than here, -where you the reader and me the “writer” are closer ot further than we can imagine or think now, and we’re going to be ever again… to give an example-.

So, if you (name it fly if it doesn’t hurt you) drive to the “Cosmos” (as I name the place were everything of everytime IS) yourself and spend a while (in a dangerous and terrorific being out of your home) you can find, with this “special” and never said in a better way (I mean as in the Special Olimpics) you can find, if you want, the every second thinked by everyone who has a use of reason, even the dreamed ones.

So, as on your personnel computer you are overwriting the Zero for many years, that if we don’t handle it with care and we approach to this special moments in a “healthy” way and just ONLY to help and take care from elseone the hehe INFINITY (LOL) so will be finished someday… isn’t it?

Now: Do you think… (even if you haven’t read this “post”)… Do you think we must approach to “the moments of spaceinvaders” in a healthy way? or even, if we have done some of it, anytime, until nowadays and even(also) if we think (what’s wrong with a little destruction?) we are “driving” our minds to the waste.

The answer is Yes. Think on it. Even give your opinion if you haven’t yet. Analize please, because, at the low this will took you a few minutes of your live (and dead).


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