Dear friends, this week about: workin’ (again).

Sirs. Not to be a fool if I say to you, American, Brittish and Overseas people, whom reads me in English (remember: ‘non vernacular language’); I was saying that will not be a fool if I say: people could work more or better, but never for the same time.

I mean, in my particular -and now publicited here- experience, that the most common way to pay a Salary [indeed… and indeed means that the word cames from Salt, as payed long-long ago, -but not too far from nowadays I(as I will try to expose you today)]- the exchange for a workin’ day.

Somebody told me -not to far from now, also- that this payment had been in coffee. On my own, I have thinked it had been perhaps in (and too) Cereals, (and beer! in South America’s Minning and Factoring) but, most common to us is the price per hour (worked) that is observed closer from the daily payment… even the weekly payment per work(-ing). But people use to earn more than at home or in many ways. Let’s see.

Now! When you’re abroad, (or working to a another person) you can earn for example, and only, a price per hour (a price for the work also) and in the same way, it deppends on you how to mannage your time and workforces to do the things (pleasant) and for profit. Elseway, you can do the things to the Gallery, wich means loving the Art [commonly said in many languages (I suppose vernacular ones, isn’t it?)]. But I will talk about this elseway if Things develope, while writting, on bad to worse.

To have an example of all this said here, it is commonly said by Workin’ Sociologists(W’S since now) thar we must thank Mr Ford and Mr Taylor many things. Perhaps, if not the fathers -as Adam Smith been talked about-, uncles of Modern Sociology and W’S too. I supposse it is not true in the amount we use to think from the whole time of History since we, humans, use to write until nowadays(and specially in this moment joint).

We so, must agree with the black shadow (black hand in many books, olders than this one here) of Mr Smith that use to mean, and for companions in looking_for / searching_back forecasters, (if you know what I mean) that involves “freedom of minds” -even Human Rights-, only in a way of live (and dead).

This will means, someday, that the Romans use to have skin and spices(read drugs), and in many ways, as my dead sister Joanna told to the World in a strongly passionated highway to insanity and social criticism way: “Not being greater will we be the greatests ones”. So as she told me before the accident, if we read some Plato, -and it is not my concern if Prozac needed to as Mr Lou Marinov experience- the Teologichal Movement, the tendence to God, Lord… The Best and the Ever attends our developing, by… The black hand? Named Ubuntu? We ougth to accept some kind of chinese proverbs that are known for tha whole of use, but are, even being on my mind, not are coming here now, unaccountably, aswell.

But in the middle of the way of mine to explain, and not finished yet by my dear sister Joanna, and been gave to your knoweledgement yet, we must ask ourselves: To be frightened it is as important as being respectful to many choices and their own ways of live. This, wil be the bottom of my next post… Soon!



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