Here I am. It’s not had spent a week indeed!

What is the reason about it. Shame! I cannot introduce someone without introducing his saying. I guess it is not recommended to say about someone just to use his thoughts and in process arrangements just of about a funny thing or something wild.

Mr Solà had spent a lot of time searching for the meanning of words that, you should know, we use every week while expressing ourselves to anothers and when we are communicating “away” just to enjoy, and I’m looking forward to analize it for you.

For example and to start introducing you my way of doing things while typing, I must say that I have read in a newspaper by an “impeached” person blamed of “separatist” terrorism and after her condemnation and process in the jail that “Spain is an entelechy”. I was no older than 20, even her. Now, that I have looked out in the dictionary… I’m sure Mr Solà could helped me, because, you should know, Mr Solà, as many philologists is an passionated dictionary readers, and as me know that commonly, entelechy means a “thing(Thought) that stands(lives) for itself”, also for philologists means: ”

state of reality or actual existence. Spending power in the event.

” this means there are many reasons to discuss about Mr Joan Solà’s workin’ isn’t it?

But I’ll try it… tomorrow, when I’ll feel comfortable, and I’ll have the book in the picture last day’s here, not at home. I am a clueless.


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