Exercise 1: Gettin’ in Tune

Start: Let’s do the… Exercise!

So, practice… even learn, also. I will try, here, to expose to you something hard and “surely” difficult… I am going to translate, weekly and “randomizedly”(this means more or less “beetween what I like or satisfaces me and what I think is interesting then(each week)” translate part of my thoughts and “livings”.

And this, it is not going to be usefull for anything else than: Analize while explaining in another language and for people you don’t know  (for me) and spend time “reading abroad”  (for all of you) and the Meaning Exercise of trying to explain myself in a no vernacular language (Google Translator says). This means a language not corrupted by the “Big Liars” using an “approach” of the Worldwide known writter of the XXIst Century: Mr Dan Brown the writter of The Da Vinci Code(2003) and also, in a roll, Inferno(2013) just finished the reading in cathalan language (translated by Esther Roig) today, by myself -this seems increasing (LOL!)-.

But I’m not going to discuss about Religion here. It’s too serious and I have nothing to offer in English language… I know “God”, “Lord”, “Bible” and “JesusChrist!” as my poor vocabulary about the theme… and “wisdom” perhaps(LOL!), but I can’t translate now ‘wisdom’ to my parters cause I didn’t know what does it mean when I was writting to you but I know now when I am improving myself(and while I’m feeling ashamed also. Thruthly. (To tell you the thruth, I have my own place to do that in noucanjosep.wordpress.com and, a heavy and usefull and quick machine is available to translate it into you in many languages, -vernacular or not lol!-.)

The meaning of this post is to introduce you, American and British people (who doesn’t knows him yet) not Mr Dan Brown (lol!)… to introduce you my common language partenised hardly for several persons that even without their first attempts to do, have done the work “maintenanced” by a kind of persons like me and Mr Joan Solàplantem-cara-joan-sola-magrana whom I am going to dedicate this first work today -about Manichaeism-, and where you could see that Religion is commonly used by writters and knowledgement delivers to reduce the knowledege into signs as for example… -and I’m starting my work now- using words with “history” and “meanning” even drama, as a way of life.

So, to Mr Solà, -a cathalan renamed philologist-, Maniqueism it’s just part of a luggage in his mind (Mr Solà is now dead… and I’m so sorry about it) and his commonly accepted knoweledge, -in his city, Barcelona (in Spain) for example- to introduce, -as me isn’t it?- his beetween Thoughts, Soul and Spirit(s) into a piece of paper that is going to “response” him, and at last, comunication and comprehension that has to came from the same builders of their ball-pen ink colour! This means Germany’s people with blue eyes also.

Mr Solà said in a newspaper in November the 23rd, 2006 that, -and it is hard to my now to explain the same again and in another language (non vernacular hehe!)- that Mr Solà, to his fellows, introduces Maniqueism as a “doctrine” (as a “vernacularised” way of life) that defends things are good or bad, right or wrong… but must never be indifferent.

(I will try to influence this soon… and even to learn more English and languages like COBOL (LoL!)



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